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Innade is a digital coaching platform that helps progressive companies accelerate their growth by unlocking the full potential of their people

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Coaching can positively impact your company

  • 31%
    increase in team performance
  • 60%
    higher revenue growth (over 5-year period)
  • 52%
    reduction in burnout
  • 20%
    increase in productivity
  • 12%
    reduction in stress

Transform your people to fuel business growth

Through our carefully curated network of certified coaches and video-coaching platform, companies can roll out scalable coaching programs across functions, regions and employee levels and get deep insights into organisational health.

Innade - Transform Your People

Scalable coaching that’s tailored to every individual

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Nothing better than user love

  • 4.9/5
    Average Session Rating
  • 58.33
    NPS Score

Prior to my coaching session, I thought I knew what my career goals and aspirations were but by the end of my session, it became quite clear — my career goals lacked a clear vision and weren’t really based on my values and strengths.

I found the coaching session super insightful and quite self-reflective. Looking forward to my journey with Innade!

Raman | Director at high-growth startup

Having spent 12 – 14 years in sales, I personally wanted to introspect on my professional journey and identify my shortcomings. I found the coaching sessions very insightful and detailed. The Coach who was assigned to me had clarity in her thought and she was able to bring out the issues that were bothering me at work.

I certainly feel that the product offered by Innade is very relevant in today’s professional setup.

Kunal | Sales leader with 15+ years leading teams

Sangeeta prepared something for a session but after I began talking about some new issues, she instantly switched the whole thing to make sure my current problem is immediately resolved :)

I love how each session is so personalised!

Aaina | Product Lead at Tech Startup

I was in a confused place before coaching. I wasn't expecting much but it took me by surprise. After my coaching sessions with Divya, I had clarity of thought and direction.

It was worth the time spent.

Senior Recruiter at an EdTech Startup

Network of certified coaches

We only work with coaches certified from the world's top coaching associations. Many of them have led organisations in multiple industries across the Asia-Pacific region.

  • Domain Leaders
    Most of them have been leaders in their industry with over 10+ years of experience
  • Formally Certified
    Innade coaches are formally certified by leading coaching organisations such ICF and EMCC
  • Diverse Experience
    Located across the Asia-Pacific region with different cultural backgrounds
  • Suresh
    Coach & Mentor

    Suresh is a leadership professional, mentor and ICF certified coach with over 30 years of corporate experience. He's coached executives and professionals at all levels, uplifting their professional aspirations and personal dreams

  • Cindiwirawan
    Career & Communication Coach

    Cindi is a career and communication coach who helps professionals to be their best selves in their careers. She started her career as a headhunter and was the Head of Talent for a global technolgy recruitment firm

  • Parineetamehra
    Executive & Life Coach

    Parineeta brings nearly three decades of experience as a human resources and learning management professional, including Sales and Marketing, Leadership Development, Facilitation, Consulting & Coaching roles

The importance of coaching in organisations

Leadership and performance coaching is a solution adopted by leading companies like Google for effective people development. It outperforms every other intervention to get the best out of people. Understand why coaching is so important for organisations in our 5-part interview with Master Executive Coach, Gowri Ramani.

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