Interview with a Master Coach: The right time to introduce coaching in organisations

published on 14 September 2021

Coaching elevates employee engagement and provides the necessary support for your people. It also promotes a culture of ongoing learning and development which results in high-performing teams.

So is there a right time to introduce coaching in your organisation?

Start by looking within your organisation and identifying your people’s needs. Do they have the necessary support to grow and thrive in the company? Do they have the mindset to remain resilient in today’s challenging work environment? Do your leaders have the right skills to create other leaders within the organisation?

Coaching is the most personalised way of providing support for your people — regardless of your organisation size. Hear what Master Executive Coach, Gowri Ramani has to say in Part 2 of our 5-part series on “The Importance of Coaching in Organisations”.

She talks about the right time to introduce coaching and whether a company size matters.

Read the full transcript of the interview below:

When’s the right time to introduce coaching in an organisation?

Right now. Anytime.

Coaching is personalised, developmental support that can be provided for an employee or a leader. Professional coaching is carried out in a completely confidential, trusted and safe environment created by the coach with the coachee.

It's a private space. It's a safe space for them to be authentic.

They can go through the process of discovering themselves and figuring out what they need to be and what they need to change.

So the vulnerability and the authenticity — it all becomes part of that space.

Anytime is a good time for a company to think of providing that support

What size should a company be before they start to invest in coaching?

I would say any size.

I’ve had people who are single person operations and have undergone coaching for various reasons.

It could be business coaching. It could be personal coaching in terms of “how do I deal with all the things that I need to do as a solo entrepreneur” — which is not easy.

It could be a 5-person organisation.

It could be a startup with very few people other than the founders who are just in the early stages and they’re trying to come together. They are trying to create a vision to work towards. There are challenges when you are working towards a big vision. Nothing is in place and you're just starting to pull things together. There can be friction and it won’t be a very productive environment. That can happen when a new team is coming together.

That could be a good time to consider coaching.

It's very common for startups in growth stages to have coaches of various kinds. There can be growth coaches. There can be leadership coaches. There can be team coaches when you're building and you're bringing in new people and growing teams.

I would say again there is no size factor.

If you feel a need and you're open to partnering with coaches, any size of a company is good.

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