Interview with a Master Coach: Why coaching is important for organisations

updated on 14 September 2021

A lot of company leaders have asked us why they should introduce coaching into their organisations.

As a digital coaching platform, we partner with coaches who have decades of experience working with different types of organisations across the globe — we knew we had to speak to them to get insights into this topic. We were lucky enough to sit down with Master Executive Coach, Gowri Ramani to talk about why coaching is so important in today’s workplace.

Gowri is one of the few Master Coaches with both ICF-MCC (International Coaching Federation's Master Certified Coach) and EMCC-MP (European Mentoring and Coaching Council's Master Practitioner) credentials. She currently serves on ICF Global Credentials & Standards Board as a Director and has held senior leadership positions in top tier technology and telecom companies globally for over 3 decades.

Hear what she has to say:

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Why is coaching so important for organisations?

Coaching is one of the most personalised development support an employee can get. All companies want to grow and thrive. To grow and thrive, they need to have employees and leaders who are growing and thriving — not just in terms of designations and corporate ladder but in terms of who they are as leaders.

How much of an impact do they bring into the organisation?

How are they able to create other leaders?

Coaching is the most personalised way of providing support.

So I would say for any company which is interested in growing and taking care of their employees and supporting them to grow, coaching is one of the best approaches.

What results can an organisation expect after implementing coaching?

So one of the best examples is Google. One of the projects that Google talks about is a project called Oxygen. This was a research that was done way back in 2008 to understand the value or the impact of having good managers.

As a result of that, one of the actions that Google took was to introduce coaching. They have 350+ people who are called Coach Gurus within the organisation and they are there to support anybody who needs help with their career. They have a very structured program — a fixed bound period of time with a number of sessions that somebody can use to reach out to a coach.

Repeatedly, the employees rate this as one of the reasons why they find Google as one of the best places to work at. If you have employees who say it's one of the best places (90+ percent of people saying that), you can imagine the amount of engagement, the amount of commitment, the amount of value that an employee brings.

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