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Innade High Performers

Personalised support for high performers

Example #1

Sarah moved from an Individual Contributor role into a Manager role with team members from different countries and cultures. She struggled to align them with the team’s vision and objectives.

Sarah was invited by her company, a Series A stage tech startup to sign up for Innade and hopped onto our app to provide details on her experience, background and goals she hoped to achieve with a coach. She matched with 3 coaches and selected one to partner with for the next 6 months. Her initial coaching sessions focused on diversity and inclusion challenges that were preventing her from aligning her team members. After making progress, she began to understand communication patterns from different cultures and worked to encourage participation among her team members.

Sarah’s team and manager noticed this in her own practiced behaviors. It impacted her team’s motivation, performance and satisfaction and showed up in improved employee feedback scores.

Innade Aligning Startup Leadership Team

Aligning a startup leadership team

Example #2

A Series C stage tech startup in Indonesia expanded their leadership team from 6 to 22 after their most recent fundraise. Given their past experience, they were concerned about the “ramp-up”. They’ve seen challenges with vision alignment, different cultural sensitivities, lack of a common language, not sharing timely feedback, no clear collaboration processes and no alignment on how to address failures, which resulted in an overall lack of alignment and led to different teams operating in silos.

The founders wanted to proactively address this. They decided to institute a 6-month group and 1-1 coaching program for their leadership team. The group sessions focus on common themes like alignment around vision, collaboration and feedback sharing norms and equipping the team with a common language. The 1-1 coaching sessions focus on helping the leaders work through their individual goals and challenges as they navigate an ambiguous and fast-paced environment

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