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We all have goals we want to reach and challenges to overcome. Innade partners you with certified coaches who will set you on a path to greater personal and professional fulfilment.

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Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them.

Your coach doesn’t give you prescriptive answers but asks questions that help you reflect and identify possible ways of addressing challenges. Your coach shares accountability for your success through time-bound goal setting and progress tracking. A typical coaching engagement is fortnightly over a 3 – 6 month period.

Innade Coaching

How it works

  • Question
    Share a challenge you want to overcome or a goal you want to achieve
  • Innade Match Coach
    Our matching algorithm identifies up to 3 coaches best suited to your needs
  • Innade Video Coaching
    Schedule a session with your coach to begin your transformational journey

Hear it from our users

  • I was not expecting much before the first session but I was surprised by the entire process. The coaching has been really rewarding. My coach Nisha, was a phenomenal listener and what I really liked the most is her ability to mirror, and then articulate what’s going on based on my values and strengths. I have learned how to communicate clearly with my team and to reflect on my leadership skills.

    Engineering Lead @ Fintech Startup
  • Prior to my coaching sessions, I thought I knew what my career goals and aspirations were but by the end of my session, it became quite clear — my career goals lacked a clear vision and weren’t really based on my values and strengths.

    I found the coaching sessions to be super insightful and quite self-reflective. Looking forward to my journey with Innade!

    Raman | Director At High-Growth Startup
  • Having spent 12 – 14 years in sales, I personally wanted to introspect on my professional journey and identify my shortcomings. I found the coaching sessions very insightful and detailed. The Coach who was assigned to me had clarity in her thoughts and she was able to bring out the issues that were bothering me at work.

    I certainly feel that the product offered by Innade is very relevant in today’s professional setup.

    Kunal | Sales Leader
  • I’d been looking for a coach for a while to act as a sounding board to help plot out the next phase of my life. I was able to pick a coach that I could connect with and have enjoyed my sessions so far. Innade played (and continues to) a big part in the successful matching of a coach for me. 

    For anyone looking to find a coach, having an intermediary like Innade saves time and produces a more enduring result.

    Richard | Senior manager at financial group

Users rate their coaching sessions an average of 4.9 out of 5

Common coaching topics

Many of our users have been working with Innade coaches to achieve greater personal and professional fulfillment.

  • Finding purpose in work

  • Increasing performance as a leader

  • Managing burnout and stress

  • Communicating and collaborating effectively

  • Increasing focus and productivity

  • Leading others with confidence

Expert coaches

We only work with certified coaches from the world's top coaching associations. Many of them have led organisations in multiple industries. Fewer than 10% of applicants make it through our rigorous vetting process to become Innade coaches.

  • Karla
    Certified Coach & HR Leader

    Karla is a Human Resources leader with more than 20 years of experience in developing and implementing human resources strategies that have contributed to the competitive advantage of many companies

  • Suresh
    Certified Coach & Mentor

    Suresh is a leadership professional, mentor and ICF certified coach with over 30 years of corporate experience. He's coached executives and professionals at all levels, uplifting their professional aspirations and personal dreams

  • Jenny
    Certified Coach & Lawyer

    Jenny is an ICF credentialed professional coach, lawyer and introvert who is passionate about empowering introverts to achieve success and visibility on their own terms while remaining authentic

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