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We all have goals we want to reach and challenges to overcome. Innade partners you with certified coaches who will set you on a path to greater personal and professional fulfilment.

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Your coach doesn’t give you prescriptive answers but asks questions that help you reflect and identify possible ways of addressing challenges. Your coach shares accountability for your success through time-bound goal setting and progress tracking. A typical coaching engagement is fortnightly over a 3 – 6 month period.

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How it works

  • Question
    Share a challenge or goal you need help with
  • Innade Match Coach
    Get matched with a certified coach
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Why Innade?

  • Intelligent matching

    We match your goal/challenge to a coach's skills and experience and recommend the top 3 matches

  • Confidential

    By giving you the power to select your coach, we minimise overlap with your network to ensure 100% confidentiality

  • Qualified professionals

    We have a network of 100+ Coaches who have certifications from world-renowned coaching associations. 

Expert coaches

We only work with certified coaches from the world's top coaching associations. Many of them have led organisations in multiple industries. Fewer than 10% of applicants make it through our rigorous vetting process to become Innade coaches.

  • Karla
    Certified Coach & HR Leader

    Karla is a Human Resources leader with more than 20 years of experience in developing and implementing human resources strategies that have contributed to the competitive advantage of many companies

  • Suresh
    Certified Coach & Mentor

    Suresh is a leadership professional, mentor and ICF certified coach with over 30 years of corporate experience. He's coached executives and professionals at all levels, uplifting their professional aspirations and personal dreams

  • Jenny
    Certified Coach & Lawyer

    Jenny is an ICF credentialed professional coach, lawyer and introvert who is passionate about empowering introverts to achieve success and visibility on their own terms while remaining authentic.

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People love Innade

I was struggling to influence people at work. As someone who had to work with multiple stakeholders, this was really impacting my effectiveness and personal brand. Working with a coach helped me identify my own detrimental behaviors and very specific, time-bound actions that helped me improve significantly. Checking in with my coach every two weeks made me more accountable for my own success

Abhishek Ahuja

Speaking to someone who had made the switch from Product Marketing to Product Management helped me define a clear path of what I needed to do to become a Product Manager. 1 year later, I landed my dream role

Mark Ho

Common topics

Our professional experts can help solve your most pressing problems.

  • I was recently retrenched by my company and I am confused if I should take whatever comes my way or wait for the right opportunity. How will I justify the break or gap in my career

  • I want to change my industry and function but have not received any call backs for an interview. I am unsure how to go about it

    Switching Jobs
  • How can I build my profile for companies like Facebook and Google? I am not sure what are the different opportunities in these companies

    Switching Jobs
  • I have stagnated at my current company and have not been able to find a decent opportunity outside. What should I do?

    Switching Jobs
  • I am finding it difficult to deal with politics at work. It is causing me a lot of stress and affecting my personal life and motivation at work

  • During COVID, I feel my workload has increased significantly and there are no boundaries anymore between my work and life. How do I manage this?

    Burnout / Motivation
  • I feel demotivated and find myself putting off work tasks. I have to force myself to start working each day. What can I do to get out of this rut?

    Burnout / Motivation
  • My manager constantly tells me I am doing great work. But everytime my appraisal happens, he tells me that HR or other superiors did not agree to the recommended salary hike. I feel as if he’s using this as an excuse. I also feel very uncomfortable pushing back and asking for a higher salary. What can I do to negotiate a higher increment?

    Salary Negotiation
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