Grow your startup with the right support and guidance

Building and growing a startup is ridiculously hard. Don’t do it alone. Whether you’re scaling rapidly or implementing change, Innade coaches will be there to guide you through this exciting journey.

Innade Coaching Session
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Common challenges faced by startup teams

  • Role challenges

    “I was promoted based on my performance as an IC, but this is my first time as a manager”

    • Aligning stakeholders
    • Managing conflict
    • Taking hard decisions
    • Influencing people
    • Managing change
    • New managers

  • Management challenges

    “Priorities keep shifting in this fast-paced environment where we're growing fast and I struggle to maintain alignment across my team”

    • Delegating without micromanaging
    • Motivating and inspiring the team
    • Fostering inclusion and belonging
    • Cultivating camaraderie and empathy
    • Increasing participation and connection remotely
  • Personal challenges

    “It feels like everything is a priority and it’s making me anxious every day. I need help to cope with stress and burnout”

    • Lack self confidence
    • Keeping motivated
    • Avoiding burnout
    • Staying resilient
    • Communicating effectively and clearly

Are you a founder or senior leader in a high-growth startup?

We’re offering free 1-on-1 coaching sessions for you to kickstart your growth journey. Sign up for this program and get the support you need to perform at your best and overcome startup challenges.

Coaching can positively impact your startup

  • 94%
    would stay at a company longer if it invested in their careers
  • 60%
    higher revenue growth rate (over 5-year period)
  • 88%
    increase in productivity when combined with training

Scalable coaching that’s tailored to every individual

Offer digital 1-on-1 coaching to deliver highly personalised support for your people

  • Innade personalised development
  • Innade coach matching
  • Innade easy l&d management

Empower your teams for growth

Different types of coaching suited for high-growth startups

  • Founders/Leadership Coaching

    Suited for Founder, VP, Director Level

  • Functional Coaching

    For Sales and Product

  • New Manager Coaching

    For those transitioning from IC to People Management roles

How Innade helps startups

Supporting high performers

Sarah moved from an Individual Contributor role into a Manager role with team members from different countries and cultures. She struggled to align them with the team’s vision and objectives.
Innade High Performers

Aligning a startup leadership team

A Series C stage tech startup in Indonesia expanded their leadership team from 6 to 22 after their most recent fundraise. Given their past experience, they were concerned about the “ramp-up”.
Innade Align Startup Leadership Team

Startups love us

  • 4.9/5
    Average Session Rating
  • 58.33
    NPS Score

Prior to my coaching session, I thought I knew what my career goals and aspirations were but by the end of my session, it became quite clear — my career goals lacked a clear vision and weren’t really based on my values and strengths.

I found the coaching session super insightful and quite self-reflective. Looking forward to my journey with Innade!

Raman | Director at high-growth startup

Having spent 12 – 14 years in sales, I personally wanted to introspect on my professional journey and identify my shortcomings. I found the coaching sessions very insightful and detailed. The Coach who was assigned to me had clarity in her thought and she was able to bring out the issues that were bothering me at work.

I certainly feel that the product offered by Innade is very relevant in today’s professional setup.

Kunal | Sales leader with 15+ years leading teams

Sangeeta prepared something for a session but after I began talking about some new issues, she instantly switched the whole thing to make sure my current problem is immediately resolved :)

I love how each session is so personalised!

Aaina | Product Lead at Tech Startup

I was in a confused place before coaching. I wasn't expecting much but it took me by surprise. After my coaching sessions with Divya, I had clarity of thought and direction.

It was worth the time spent.

Senior Recruiter at an EdTech Startup

Experienced coaches to support you in your growth

Our network of certified coaches across the Asia-Pacific region have been trained to help you and your teams navigate startup challenges

  • Innade Coach Kasia
    International Leadership Coach

    Kasia spent 20 years in health sciences & technology and 11 years working on global virtual teams in North America & Asia Pacific. Managing change & leading a remote digital transformation team across Asia led to her interest in leadership development

  • Innade Coach Rishi
    Transformative Coach

    Rishi has multiple specializations in the fields of leadership, high performance and catalysing individual and systemic change. His primary focus involves helping high performers and leaders gain mastery over their state of mind and state of being to achieve exponential results in their work performance

  • Innade Coach Rashmi
    Agile & Product Coach

    With years of leadership experience managing teams and managers, Rashmi has innate ability to connect with her teams on a personal level and help them see their true potential. She has trained team members on leadership skills, soft skills, agile, product management & design thinking

The importance of coaching in startups

More and more VCs are recommending coaches to startup founders and they are far more likely to invest in founders who have the necessary support to deal with the challenges that come with building a startup. In our interview series with Venture Capital partners, we speak to Managing Partner of Golden Gate Ventures, Jeffrey Paine to find out why it's important for startups to invest in coaching.

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